“The telecaster ‘Telecane’ was the first electric guitar that Pablo made and it is a real honour to have been chosen to enjoy this instrument. I had this guitar in my mind and dreams and he made it true. A telecaster with a real vintage look that features a one-piece swamp ash body with inlays in other woods and a Bigsby. We used wood from an old shipyard in Ferrol, Spain, and guayacan, which gives a unique and natural look to the instrument. The diamond that appears in different parts of the guitar and the side inlay are distinctive elements.

It’s one of those instruments that becomes alive when you play it. The wood transmits all the vibrations of the strings, and that is wonderful. We chose Lollar Vintage pickups to get that twang traditional from old telecaster and we kept the 3-saddle bridge, which we modify to be able to use it with the Bigsby. A unique and versatile guitar that you can’t stop playing once you strap it on.”

Jacobo Naya, multi-instrumentalist musician and member of La Maravillosa Orquesta del Alcohol (La M.O.D.A.), Spain


 “My ‘Geometría’ is, in all aspects, an extraordinary guitar with lots of personality. She is very easy to play and very balanced. The sustain and the colours are amazing. This guitar is a constant source of inspiration for me!”

Herman Schamp, guitarist, Belgium


“Pablo kindly brought it to show us at the workshop here in Portugal. The guitar is nice. It has great tone in the body and neck, unplugged. Comfortable neck. You could rock out on it and you could serenade. Looks so cool also, it’s a catalogue of local woods.” 

Andy Manson, Master Luthier, Portugal


“I have known Pablo since childhood. We have been great friends ever since and we have grown up sharing our love for music and, particularly, for the guitar.

During all these years, he has developed a taste for good sound. This has also been the case with his skilful hands, which have managed to evolve and demonstrate their value in this artisanal and vocational profession.

In the instruments made by the guitar maker you will find a different kind of work. Each piece is original and has its own story. The detail is important, because there it is, designed with the purpose of achieving a more appropriate sound for the musician, producing greater postural comfort, etc.

A guitar from Pablo suddenly evokes artistic aspects, warmth, harmony, originality…

In his workshop, you can see how the luthier works with the best raw materials, always respecting the environment. He chooses very carefully the woods for their purpose. All this to offer a very characteristic product, with its own style.

A guitar from Pablo becomes a part of the musician, because it sounds for him. It surprises you with hidden sounds and responds to your demands. A guitar from Pablo is not just a guitar, it’s a great present, a loyal companion for life.”

Rubén Rodríguez, Spain


“When Pablo and I first spoke about creating this guitar, I told him that I wanted something smaller than the regular acoustic, but with the crazy idea of keeping the most of the powerful tones of the bigger ones.

Pablo took this idea of a manageable, yet strong-sounding, acoustic guitar and transformed it into a remarkable piece of craftsmanship. Not only the sound is beyond what I imagined, but this guitar has a unique set of features that make it awesome: a fast, asymmetric neck with an electric guitar feel, a small and thin body that makes it really comfortable to play and an astounding finish with all the features that you could expect from an experienced guitar maker like Pablo.” 

Javi Sánchez, Barcelona